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Shilp Sagar was conceived in 1970 by our principal architect Vijendra Jain in a small town of Dewas in central India to promote and advance the build environment and craftsmanship in the region. The prominence of SS has been going ever since.  

Welcome to the world of SS 

Our Journey 

Started in 1970 as an architecture firm Shilp Sagar is proud to be part of the numerous industrial, commercial, residential and institutional projects across central India. SS played a pivotal role in developing and enhancing modern build environment across the region. In our adventurous journey we have always focused on quality of the construction alleging with the environmental and institutional goals.We have catered thousands of dreams through top class architectural and construction services.  

Our Design Process

In every design task, large or small, we see the potential to create solutions that are beautiful and environmentally responsible. And while building projects tend to be lengthy and complex endeavors, they can also be a source of inspiration and fun. As architects, we collaborate with our clients to achieve buildings that meet their needs in a way that is sustainable and ecologically sound.

The design process can be broken down into phases: Pre-Design, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documentation and Construction Administration. These phases are not just a linear sequence, but overlap and interact in many ways.

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